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Sunday, March 6, 2011

This Career's for the Birds

We talk about marketing ourselves all the time on this blog.  I think it's high time we talked about marketing ourselves on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the best social media tools around for the purposes of self-promotion.  The way it's set up, the method of communication, everything seems perfectly suited for getting the word out about something.  In our case, that something is ourselves.

There are several things we want to consider as we launch into the dangerous and fail-whale-infested waters that are Twitter.  The one that we're going to talk about in this blog is, do we know who we are?  By that, I mean that we need to understand our "brand" as actors.  I, for example, am a teacher.  I went to a top grad school.  I worked in both theatre and film.  I ran an acting for film program for one of the largest film schools out there.  For me, the "brand" is someone that has experience and knows what he's doing.

That's not all of my brand, though.  You'll also notice that I talk about my family.  I do that because that's part of who I am.  I'm also kind (or at least I strive to be).  I believe in the power of dreams and imagination.  I think we are ultimately responsible for our own success or lack thereof.

All of those things factor into who I am, and are (I believe) represented in my Twitter stream.

When I talk about "brand", don't just immediately assume that it's something that you need to make up to try to be marketable.  When I talk about your brand, I'm talking about the best part of you.  The things that make you unique.  That makes you attractive to potential casting directors, directors and producers.  Because in spite of the fact that Hollywood is perceived to be a bunch of fake poseurs, what attracts people more than anything else (good looks, a perfect body, sex appeal, etc.) is authenticity.

So, join me this Thursday at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time for my radio show, where we can talk more in depth about branding, plus some specifics about how Twitter can be used.

A quick note about the radio show and this blog (as well as my Twitter stream).  I love providing what I can for up-and-coming actors and those that love the craft.  There are some things that would make it SO much easier for me, without costing you anything more than a little bit of time. 

Follow and comment on my blog--the more follows and interaction, the greater chance of sponsors.  Follow (and "favorite" and comment on) my radio show here--again, the more follows and "favorites" and comments, the greater chance of sponsors.  Also, subscribe to, review and comment on my iTunes page here.  Same reasons as above. :)

Would I love you to donate to my radio show?  Would it be great if you were to take my online acting classes (see the top of this blog)?  Absolutely!  But I also understand that many of you are flat broke.  So I'm giving you things to do that cost you absolutely NOTHING!  Please help me out by taking just a little of your time.

With that said, let's get out there and market ourselves!


  1. Great post! Looking forward to hearing more about twitter branding, as it's something I think we can all stand to learn more about!

  2. Great post! Looking forward to hearing more about twitter branding, as it's something I think we can all stand to learn more about!