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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working Actors

I hope you guys know by now that I'm not here to destroy or mock or change any of your dreams.  I believe in dreams.  I have them myself.  I'm not jaded and bitter.  I am full of hope and of the sweetness that hope brings.  I am also full of hope that will never go away if I continue to choose hope over despair.

And one of the things that I like to do when despair beckons with its sweet, dismal keening is to talk about success stories.  Also, remember that my definition of success is different than many others'.  I believe that success is about doing what you love and living to do it another day.

But sometimes, that definition of success and the world's happen to coincide.  Such is the case with a friend of mine from my undergraduate acting program.  He was and is a talented performer.  His financial success, like many struggling actors, wasn't all that great.  But he persevered, continued making and keeping friends in the business, and above all, found ways to keep acting.

He is now in NYC, getting ready for the Broadway premiere of the show that he's performing in.  The actor's name is Danny Stiles, the musical is Wonderland, and Danny's going to be a guest on my show this Thursday at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time, schedule permitting.

Danny's a great guy, a wonderful actor and singer wrapped around a beautiful soul.  He's also been through his fair share of disappointments and frustrations as he's tried to navigate the business.  That's true of everyone that attempts to have a career in entertainment.

I'm not going to share any more of his story, but please join us this Thursday to hear it from the horse's mouth.  Have questions for Danny?  Call in and ask them.  Want to congratulate him for making it to the Great White Way?  Do that, too.  I'm sure he will appreciate it.

But whether or not you join in, make sure and listen.  We can all use success stories from time to time.  Keeps hope alive, you know?

You can listen to the show by going here or by calling in (424-243-9619) at 8 pm L.A. time.  I look forward to hearing from you!

And remember, if you're enjoying the advice and information you're getting from my Twitter stream and radio show, put it to the test in my online acting classes.  Doesn't matter where in the world you are, if you have internet and a webcam, you can take acting classes.  Sign up at the top of this page.

AND, no matter what else you do, make sure that you keep acting!

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  1. Singing and acting talent is one of the great talent. Being able to entertain others is rewarding. Is this innate or can be practice thru time?