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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Not that kind of spring, you idiot.

I love spring.

There's something about the sense of renewal that comes after a long winter (and this was a long, cold, HARD winter, folks) that makes my spirits soar. I think that starting our new year right in the middle of winter was a bad, bad, bad mistake that needs to be immediately rectified. Springtime would be the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings, dontcha think?

Oh, and as a side note, can we talk about New Year's Eve? Was there ever a more ridiculous holiday? Let's get completely blasted and stay up way too late on the day right before we're going to try to implement our resolutions for the next year. Sounds like a plan! What moron came up with that one? (Apologies to all of the eat-drink-and-be-merry types reading this blog. I'm a self-proclaimed stick in the mud and a borderline hermit, so take it all in with a cellar full of salt.)

When I lived in Southern California, much as I loved the year-round good weather, I missed the feeling of rebirth that came with spring. Let's face it, when your winter has consisted of 60 degree shorts weather, spring just wasn't that big of a deal. But here in Utah? I can FEEL my body soaking up the rays of sun that beam down from up above.

Me, Christina Ricci. Me.

So... blah, blah, blah. Spring, spring, spring. Here's the point. There are things that are worth doing in our lives. Things that we don't typically do. Things like clearing time for the things that make us come alive, as a crazy example.

I'm assuming that, if you read this blog at all, part of what makes you come alive may have something to do with acting. If not acting, then some other artistic endeavor: writing, directing, painting, sculpting... something. And my question to you at this juncture would be: are you making sure to set aside time, energy and resources to do what makes you feel like... well, YOU?

I know it's hard. There are so many things that demand our attention. Things like making sure we can pay rent and stuff our gobs. Important stuff. Necessary stuff. I'm not disputing that. Not for a second.


Is it possible that there are things (even good ones) we can take out of our lives that might make space for something better? Watching TV is fine. In fact, if you want a career as a professional actor, keeping up with the latest TV shows, at least on a superficial level, is a good thing. But how much do we actually watch? Five hours a week? Ten? Twenty? What if we took just one or two of those hours to dedicate to something that inspires us on a deeper level than the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother? Yes, Neil Patrick Harris is fantastic. But let's be honest. That show's been coasting for a season or two (at least).

Watching TV. Level: Expert.

I'm not saying to cut our comfort time-spenders out completely. Just cut back a titch. Just enough to fit in some time to read a play, work on a scene with a partner, go to a film festival, take a class. Just a little bit.

The benefits of keeping up our craft might not be fame and fortune. In fact, I can practically guarantee that won't be the outcome. But it can uplift us. Inspire us. Lead to more fulfillment and joy.

And isn't that worth turning off the tube for an hour or two?

*Special note to those who do not watch television. I'm pretty sure there's at least one thing you do that would be considered "discretionary time spending". Figure out what it is and apply it to your situation. Don't get all superior with the rest of us mouth-breathers who like to veg out. K? Thx. :)