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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tweet, Tweet... This Twitter Thingy's Sweet

Twitter branding--which bird are you??

So, last week we talked about some of the basics of Twitter.  We discussed how Twitter works, what makes it fundamentally different from other social media sites and what to look at in a potential follower.

Now it's time to get serious.

When I say "serious" here, please take it with a grain or two or three of salt.  While there are some things that we can do to increase our presence online, reach out to other industry folk and improve the trajectory of our acting careers, it doesn't have to be filled with angst and frowns.  Let's apply my catchphrase here and remove the unnecessary drama from the process.

What we're going to talk about this week is branding.  How to brand ourselves, how to brand our streams, and how to use that information when dispersing our branded tweets, commercial tweets and social tweets out to our followers.  If reading that last sentence has you hyperventilating, sit down, breath deep and trust that there's nothing here you can't handle.  Promise.

Basically, your brand is you... distilled.  We want your essence here.  What makes you different, unique, special.  What makes you cast-able, interesting, worth listening to.  Now, your initial reaction may be to scream, "I got nothing!" and then bury your head in the sand.  But trust me, you have something worthwhile.

So, let that information percolate in your brain over the next few days.  Start thinking about what your brand might be.  Watch my stream and ask yourself, "What's @Actingnodrama's brand?  Why is he tweeting what he's tweeting?"  It's possible I don't have a reason (not likely, but possible), but asking yourself the question will set you on the right road.

Then join me for my online radio show, this Thursday at 8 pm PST.  I'll be going over all of the above in much greater detail.  Call in with your questions, or, if you're just too overwhelmed, @ or DM me on my Twitter stream or leave a question here in the comments.  I want to hear from you.

Then, take a second and consider taking my online acting classes.  All of the information you get on my stream, here in my blog and on my radio show, but directly applied to YOU in real-time.  How awesome is that?  There really is nothing better you can do for your acting and your acting career.  Sign up at the top of my blog, or email me with your questions (actingwithoutthedrama (at) gmail (dot) com).

*Quick update!  My business partner, Carolyn McCray (@craftycmc and @writingnodrama) has an article up on Digital Book World's site right now about how to best sell your ebooks on  If you're a writer or have any interest in where the industry's going right now, you have to check this out by going here!

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