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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mouthing Off

I got a request the other day to do some additional dialect work on my podcast.  Well, it's been a while since I switched over from prerecorded podcasts to live radio shows and I'm not positive that this new format is conducive to dialect training.

But so what?

One of the things I talk about all the time is that we should step outside our comfort zones.  So, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.  I'm going to try something that I'm not sure will actually work.  In fact, it may fail spectacularly.  But if it does, who exactly gets hurt?  No one but my ego, and he and I aren't really on speaking terms much these days anyway.  I kinda blame him for the vast majority of the stupid mistakes I've made over the course of my life.

So, this Thursday at 8 pm PST, I'll be talking about dialect training on my internet radio show.  I'll start with some general tips on dialect training overall, and then if there's time, I'll talk about the specific changes for what's called RP.  RP stands for "received pronunciation", by the way, which is itself a shortening of "received in the best society pronunciation".  We'll talk about that, too.  :)

Therefore, I request the honor of your virtual presence, this Thursday at 8 pm Pacific Standard, for my grand experiment.  Who knows?  If it goes well, we may do multiple sessions.

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