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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Final "C"--Commitment

This is the one that sets apart the pros from the amateurs.  If you can master this one, the audience will definitely sit up and take notice.  They may love you, they may hate you, but they will NEVER ignore you.

I'm not talking about committing to being a working actor, or committing to training, or committing to follow through with what you say you're going to do.  That is all good, and all really important, but it's not what really what we're discussing right now.

What we're talking about is making an acting choice and then going ALL IN!!!  Acting is not a time for us to be wishy-washy about our choices, nor is it a time to hesitate.  Let's learn to make strong (meaning not necessarily expected), active and specific choices.  We talked about that last week with the actions, right?  Powerful active verbs'll do it for us.

Once we've done that, we need to step into those choices 100%.  Don't "punch" a little.  "Punch" all the way.  That doesn't mean the choice has to be physically huge.  It just means we need to really embrace the playing of that verb.  We don't like to do this.  It makes us feel vulnerable and exposed.  Guess what?  That's a good thing.  No, actually it's an excellent thing!

So, come join me this Thursday at 8 pm Pacific Standard Time for my blogtalkradio show.  We'll be talking about this subject more in detail then.  While you're there, follow my blogtalkradio page and leave a comment for me so I don't feel lonely!

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