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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting More Involved

A lot of you are joining me via Twitter or Facebook, some of you due to #MentionMonday on Twitter. So, here's the uncomfortable question that I need to ask you. What are you doing here?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not criticizing. I know there are many who say that if you're spending time on Twitter or Facebook or MySpace, etc., you're wasting time... taking time away from developing your career as an actor, writer, filmmaker, etc. They may be right.

They don't have to be.

Here's the truth: social media can change the way you network. There are a lot of people using social media. With Twitter particularly, you can drive traffic to your blog or website, that has content that YOU control (headshot, resume, reel, bio, etc.). You can develop a presence that goes beyond what you can achieve by doing drop offs all day in LA.

There are a lot of different ways for you to develop a following here, but the main idea is this: your tweets are a little bit like a television station. You want good content, not just commercials. If every other tweet is plug for your website, that's just rude. Give your thoughts, your ideas, you. Let everybody know what you're thinking. Some will respond.

Numbers mean something in the industry. Lots of followers=attention. You can also target who you go after and WHEN you go after them (after you have numbers, for example).

Also, just as a side note, follow back the people who follow you. It's just polite. If they end up spamming you, unfollow them or even block them if you want. But if they're liking what you're putting out there, be kind and let them know you're a part of the action. I know that it seems like having lots of followers without following makes you look important. Really what it tells anyone that knows Twitter is that you're kind of a jerk. #justsayin :)

So, be here, but if you're gonna be here, really BE HERE! And welcome! It's a fun ride. :)


  1. Well I, for one, am here because I'm a writer and I'm drawn to other creative people. I thank MM on Twitter for helping me find a lot of them that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. :)

  2. Ben, thanks for the thoughts. I always wonder if being on twitter is any help to my blogging, but I also just enjoy the people I have met there. However, there are so many who just promote themselves to death. And I DO hate all the quoters! I am now going to follow your blog. Best to you. molly

  3. Just finished an article on how Twitter can help writers. Definitely a great tool, but oh so much potential for a procrastination device!

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  5. I've only been back on Twitter to just over a month but it's certainly helped me as a writer. The simple act of seeing that others have some of the same struggles as I do has been of great benefit. It's also been a great way to bounce a few ideas around and get feedback from people who will give an honest opinion. Social networking can be a fantastic tool when used to it's full potential. Mind you I still hate Farmville ;)